5 Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Research Analysis

The stock market will become very tedious work if you don’t know where to find the right data about the stock. An investor should spend more time analyzing stocks than worrying about where to find the stock quotes. Investors need to make a note of the best websites for stock research.

Publicly listed companies such as BSE and NSE, disclose their financial report every quarter and also reports the same to the stock exchanges. Many financial websites in India collect financial reports of the listed companies and demonstrate them in a very customizable way for their readers or investors. This customization will help the investors to easily review the reports and they can easily apply various filters on those websites to carry out their stock research. In this post, we will be discussing the 5 best websites for stock research in India that will make the life of the investors quite simple.

1) Moneycontrol:

Moneycontrol is one of the most popular websites in India for stock research. This website will help you with all sorts of information related to stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, IPOs, currency, commodities, etc. While you research stocks, you can find tons of data about the company like the last couple of years’ profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and company announcements like dividends, splits, bonuses, etc.

You can even analyze the technical charts of the stock and apply different technical indicators such as the moving average, MACD, RSI, etc. Altogether, moneycontrol is a great choice for stock research if you want to do an in-depth study of the stock.

2) Trade Brains Portal:

Trade Brains portal helps investors to make effective stock research and make a detailed analysis by providing quality fundamental data with insightful visuals.  One of the simplest stock market research and analysis platforms that helps you perform fundamental analysis of stocks.

Trade Brains portal proposes indigenous stock analysis tools like portfolio analysis, backtesting, stock comparison tool, superstar portfolio tracking, and many more. Their stock screening tool is utilized by thousands of users to conduct fast and efficient equity research. This platform offers multiple research tools in one place and is a go-to platform for all equity research queries.

3) Screener:

The screener is a decent analysis platform for the fundamental study of stocks. Here, you will reap customized data of the companies which makes it easy to study the financial reports.  For each stock, you will discover several details of the company such as the last 10 years’ annual reports, peer comparison, pros and cons, ratios, etc. Here you will also get a facility for ‘Query builder’ where you can run different queries to screen the stocks based on different criteria.

4) Investing.com:

Investing India is one of the best websites for fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis of stocks. Here, you can easily find out all the important data related to the company analysis of News, charts, financials, technicals, etc.

Investing also provides a ‘Stock screener’ which is a very useful tool for the investors. By using it, you can shortlist the companies based on their different criteria like PE, Market capitalization, Price, Dividend Yield, etc.

5) BSE India:

Bombay stock exchange (BSE) is a website complementary to NSE India in terms of most information. You can find more data on this website because there are more companies listed on BSE as compared to NSE.

Some key information available on BSE India is market info, Indexes data, charts, Public offers, OFS, IPOs, Domestic and foreign investors, etc. Moreover, similar to NSE India, you can also discover financial data such as quarterly reports, shareholding patterns, bulk/block deal details, stock quotes, etc on the BSE India website.

We hope you’ve liked this post and found it helpful. Do mention your favorite website for stock research in India in the comment section below. Have a great day and Happy Investing!

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