Top 10 Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software is the best possible tool for growing your franchise business. It’s your one-stop solution for managing and handling all your franchise businesses and maintaining efficient workflow across the branches. In this article, we will discuss Franchise Management Software and how it can benefit you in your business.

What is Franchise Management Software?

A franchise management software is a tool that works as a platform to connect and coordinate between different franchisors and franchisees. The software also helps increase engagement between the two parties about different business aspects like branding, CRM, marketing, sales, inventory management, reporting, operations, etc. It also helps develop different business rules and processes if two parties want to sign a mutual agreement. It’s a great business strategy for including more franchisees in your business. These rules and regulations are mainly to monitor performance on a real-time basis, streamline operations, take control over the franchisee’s capture and store market data and trends for future reference and connect different franchises via integrated communication. In addition, the franchisees can also use the software to do different business operations and keep track of their overall performance. It can also make timely records and send them to the franchiser.

Key features of franchise management software:

Let’s check here some of the key features of a franchise management software that can help your business to grow:

Inventory and supply chain management: A good franchise management software should provide access to inventory data. It helps you to predict the inventory outcomes and inventory levels. If any product is out-of-stock, you can replenish them and place the purchase orders. Good software should allow you to keep track of your supply chain. It can help to decline any potential risks of financial losses.

Customer management: A good franchise management software should have options for managing customers. It’s one of the most important features of any franchise management software. Customer loyalty and retention are essential for any company. Improving the quality of customer service can also increase the sales ratio in different franchisee outlets. A good franchise management software should be able to improve the relationship between the company and the customers. The better the relationship between the customers and the company, the better the company image is.

Process management: Another important feature of franchise management software is that it should be able to offer inspection of your franchise outlets following certain industry audit standards and checklists. It will help to keep track of sales data, employee data and performance, inventory data, and other important information.

Benefits of Franchise Management Software:

Are you still having doubts about whether you should sign up for it or not? Then let’s give it a shot. Learn here some of the benefits of using franchise management Software for your franchise business:

1. Low Upfront Costs:

Budget and finance is the most essential thing when you’re running a franchise. Most

cloud-based franchise management software requires a monthly payment. You no longer need to investigate a significant chunk of money up front to gain access to the software. It can save a lot of money on your other budget.

2. Low Maintenance Cost & Downtime:

You can easily manage or upgrade your franchise management software. You no longer need to upgrade and update the hardware or lean on IT assistance often. This can reduce labor costs. The software is designed to lessen productivity losses as well.

3. Efficient Setup

Before this, companies need to worry about their franchise data. Companies had to worry about heaving towers, monitors, keyboards, and other tech equipment as new locations began to open. With the right technology, you can easily reset your team members up and running.

4. Simplifies Franchise Operations:

Every franchise that is here can help to simplify the overall operations of your franchise. With a good Franchise management software, extra or additional cloud storage space is always included. Employees can access the software from anywhere is another bonus in streamlining operations.

5. Increases Security of the Software:

You must keep your company data safe and secure. Franchise software systems help track or transfer old data to new cloud storage. You can also Sync your data with different courses.

Top 10 Franchise Management Softwares:

Looking for a good Franchise Management Software? Have a look at the top 10 Franchise Management Software:

1. BrandWide

BrandWide is an integrated all-in-one franchise software platform that can provide solutions to market your brand, award and onboard new franchises, drive local marketing, engage franchise owners,  automate sales, and grow the customer base. The key features of this software include franchise sales, onboarding and LMS, compliance and audits, hub and helpdesk, dashboards, separate franchise CRM, and job management and invoicing.


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2. Better Software

BPro is a cloud-based solution for small businesses to manage franchises located in various locations. Key features include lead generation, employee engagement, white labelling, tracking, notifications, KPI, and progress reporting.

3. zeeHIVE Software

zeeHIVE is another cloud-based solution for helping franchisees manage communications for recording and tracking sales, auditing, lead generation, and advertisement creation. Its key features are commission management, franchise intranet, and a content management system.

4. FranConnect Software

FranConnect is also a cloud-based solution that can help franchise-based businesses do automatic business operations, communications, and projects. Royalty calculation, reputation management, performance management, and lead nurturing are some of the best features of this software.

5. Waterstreet FMS Software

If you want assistance in field service companies with managing operations, marketing campaigns, and communications, the Waterstreet is the best cloud-based franchise management system. You can do product directory, performance tracking, contact database, invoicing, sales tracking, and analytics.

6. Naranga Software

Naranga Franchise Software is a cloud-based software created to help businesses manage their franchise operations via field audits, lead generation, video training, and more. This software is equipped with some unique features such as marketing campaigns, ticket management, surveys, live chat, and finally, franchisee onboarding and collaboration.

7. Jolt Software

Jolt Software is mainly designed for human resource (HR) platforms. The software can help to scale up the business based on size. It’s a customized software used in the hospitality and travel, retail, and food and beverage industry.

8. Shortcuts Software

Shortcuts is a cloud-based software suite providing a group of modules configured for salons, barbershops, spas, and schools. It’s best suited for one location business but can also help big company chains. The software is available on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

9. ClassJuggler Software

ClassJuggler is a cloud-based customer and class management solution designed for the business that deals with dance, gymnastics, cheer, theatre, swim, academics, athletics, education, K-12, art, music, and more. This software can do class scheduling, student registration, online bill payment, customer self-service, and reporting. 

10. Franchise 360 Software:

Franchise 360 is a cloud-based solution for helping franchisees manage quotes, recruitment workflows, service fee invoicing, and sales opportunities. You can do class management, job scheduling, billing, calendar integration, customer relationship management, intranet, and a document library here.


According to recent data, franchise companies in the USA managed to contribute 670 billion dollars to their country. However, one single branch can not handle all the franchise businesses, and that’s where you need franchise management software. The above-mentioned software is the best franchise management software available in the market right now. And you can choose to get the best one from the list as per your needs.

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